House Coffee

World Select Espresso

A hand-crafted blend of fine gourmet coffees brings you this espresso bursting with flavour and a full-strength encounter.

The coffees are selected from all of the world’s coffee-producing regions, and bring together an espresso that impresses the discerning coffee connoisseur, whilst blending beautifully with milk to produce an outstanding latte or cappuccino.

Tasting Notes

Bold, strong and deep. An exceptionally flavourful and impressive espresso.

The Farm

The base of this blend is Brazilian Coffee. Isaltino Caixeta and his family run the Gerezim Farm in central Brazil. They’re passionate about great coffee, the care taken in producing it, their workers and the environment.

The Environment

At the Caixeta family farm 25% of their land is not farmed but designated for permanent preservation of rainforest and protection of precious habitat for various species. There are a lot of birds and animals that live free throughout the farm feeding themselves on fruit, seeds, grasses, and even coffee cherries (beans). Over 5,000 native trees have been planted to avoid soil erosion and increase sub-soil moisture. This helps protect water sources and habitat, producing an increase of wildlife, especially birds. All hunting and predatory practices have been banned within the family properties, giving in positive results for a number of species. Their working practices have constant regard for water and soil conservation, avoiding the use of agrochemicals. The family have been instrumental in conservation in the area and introduced biodynamic farm practices.

In the School House

‘World Select’ is used in our espresso based hot drinks. In buying our coffee, you’re directly supporting Ethical Addictions who work directly, and buy directly with farmers and villages.