After four generations the tradition in the coffee growing keeps very strong and alive in the life of the family Franco Caixeta and for sure it will be continued for much more because the coffee business it is some that is in our genes.

Everything started more than 140 years ago, when Isaltino (my great-grandfather) moved from Paraná state, to south of Minas Gerais, region today well known for producing the best coffees of the country. He established his home at the city of Machado, where he began to plant the first seeds of coffee. At that time, it was need to do all work manually, a very hard work that lasted several years. But after all that hard work, he realized that he was at right place to grow coffee.

The soil and the climate in that area have shown great for this culture, besides altitude higher than 1.000m, a good base for producing high quality coffees.

Today, my father, Isaltino Franco Caixeta, is the responsible for the Gerezim Farm and Vira Mão Farm, two farms inherited that keep the same tradition of producing good coffees respecting the environment and helping the collaborators of the farm get a better life.

Athos Caixeta